Bill gates and steve jobs

Steve jobs and bill gates are highly admirable business tycoons they are a role model for today's entrepreneurs most people also consider them celebrities for bringing computers to the masses they often are treated like celebrities, but nevertheless, they both are good down to earth people. Steve jobs hated buttons his shirts had none, and his products, few in the early days, bill gates wore shirts with few buttons he was seen frankly in t-shirts, or knit polos with up to three buttons below a modest collar in his famous arrest photo he has some god-awful sweater over what appears to be a. Steve jobs, known for his eccentricity, and bill gates, one of the richest men and most successful while apple was getting its macintosh ready for the masses, gates and microsoft continued to work with ibm this worried jobs, who feared that microsoft would steal the graphics interface from. Of the two, the late steve jobs was always the quick, live-for-the-moment hare, while bill gates was the dispassionate, lawyerly, bide-your-time tortoise for two decades, the race between the two went according to script, with the hare jumping out to a huge early lead, before falling hopelessly behind. 8 bill gates understanding limitations of oneself delegates things employee management organized understands needs steve jobs dictatorial demanding can't anticipate threat overconfident & tactical learns from mistakes.

In fact, steve jobs was a pioneer in computer software, developing macintosh operating system and macintosh corporation on the contrary, bill gates purchased a license from jobs corporation and used it to create his own operative system, and he called it windows many people think that gates. Bill gates remembers steve jobs as a colleague, competitor, and friend, and reflects on the profound impact he had melinda and i extend our sincere condolences to his family and friends, and to everyone steve has touched through his work steve and i first met nearly 30 years ago, and have. Steve jobs and bill gates have changed the way the world does business, but the story of their leadership styles is even more compelling than the success and innovation spawned by apple and microsoft bill gates versus steve jobs: the early years. Wired news will be liveblogging the historic meeting of apple ceo steve jobs and outgoing microsoft chairman bill gates on wednesday in the meantime, and completely lacking in any actual photos of the two moguls on the same stage, i give you this photoshop mashup of steve and bill.

Steve jobs and bill gates conservation 1 +53 points steve jobs in heaven a cartoonist finally gets it right (bors) +119 points steve jobs wasn't the nicest guy around some historic facts about him. Sometimes bill calls steve jobs a 'stevionaire' because of all the steve he has made in his lifetime me and bill gates and steve jobs have been fake steven gatez and bil jobs trying to hard to be what they're not while the original gang has been around since day one and we always stick together. Steve: bill built the first software company in the industry and i think he built the first software company before anybody really in our industry knew what a software company was, except for these guys {{information |description= walter mossberg and kara swisher interview steve jobs and bill gates.

Not since apple ceo steve jobs famously interviewed microsoft chairman bill gates as a possible suitor during the macintosh dating game back in 1983 have the two men appeared in a joint bill recent posts by john paczkowski bill gates and steve jobs. Steve jobs vs bill gates is the twenty-first installment of epic rap battles of history and the sixth episode of season 2 it features the late co-founder and two-time ceo of apple inc, steve jobs, rapping against microsoft chairman, bill gates. Bill gates vs [verse 1: steve jobs] let me just step right in i got things to invent i'm an innovator baby change the world fortune 500 'fore you kissed a girl i'm a pimp you're a nerd i'm slick you're cheesy beating you is apple ii easy i make the product that the artist chooses and the gui that.

Steve jobs and bill gates were so close at the time that according to a guardian article, they even double-dated occasionally was steve jobs still bitter at bill gates and microsoft after all these years steve's sudden change of attitude towards microsoft in the mid-00s seems to indicate that. Figure 5: steve jobs and bill gates at the fifth d: all things digital conference (d5) in 2007 they both co-founded and their established companies along with another person apple, it was co-founded by steve jobs and steve wozniak who is credited with begin the entry of computers into private homes. Download a template and make your own steve jobs vs bill gates comic update updated template here. Bill gates and steve jobs are interviewed live together at the d5: all things digital conference in this historic conversation, jobs and gates are asked to comment on each other's greatest contributions to digital technology, as well as what they perceive. Steve jobs and bill gates in 2007 flickr/whatcounts here's the history of the bizarre relationship between steve jobs and bill gates, as told by walter isaacson's biography of jobs except where otherwise noted.

Bill gates and steve jobs

Gates and jobs had battled to dominate a new age and, in the process, revolutionised billions of lives though they never worked in the same company, they created an industry together, and we have a steve jobs was a much better marketer than bill gates was but he was not really that technical. Steve jobs, being an apple co-founder and bill gates being a microsoft chairman and a born marketer with technical corps of computing bill gates parents name was william h gates and marry maxwell his father was professionally a lawyer he is among the wealthiest person of the world. The principles that guide steve jobs as he launches killer products, attracts fanatically loyal customers, and manages some of the world's most powerful.

  • Steve jobs and bill gates steve jobs and bill gates are two very important men in the world of technology both men had the vision of what a computer and bill gates is still alive, but sadly steve jobs passed away on october 5, 2011 steve jobs' complete name was steven paul jobs.
  • Bill gates and steve jobs never quite got along over the course of 30-plus years, the two went from cautious allies to bitter rivals to something almost approaching friends - or, sometimes, all three at the same time it seems unlikely that apple would be where it is today without microsoft.

Steve jobs and bill gates' rivalrous friendship is the stuff of tech lore the most poignant moment of that fraught relationship happened 20 years ago in august of 1997, gates stepped in and saved apple, which, at the time, was on the brink of bankruptcy bill, thank you. 2 steve jobs 3 bill gates 4 key differences 5 video explanation main difference steve jobs and bill gates both, revolutionized the world of science and inventions they both actually made life easier by providing people with the luxury which was beyond anyone's imagination. Bill gates and steve jobs had a fraught relationship over the course of 30-plus years, the two went from cautious allies to bitter rivals to something almost approaching friends — sometimes, they were all three at the same time it seems unlikely that apple would be where it is today without microsoft.

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Bill gates and steve jobs
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